For more than two decades, I’ve helped companies lead with people, purpose and passion where business success has followed. These are just some of the areas where I’ve delivered results for companies, people and profitability.


Helping companies understand and execute on the new requirements of modern business transformation —strategic evolution, innovative thinking and operational excellence — to achieve success.

  • Sales and relationship management
  • Market penetration / market share growth
  • Customer experience audits
  • Cost effectiveness and re-engineering studies
  • Global outsourcing strategies
  • Deal facilitation and negotiation
  • Change management planning and implementation


Empowering and equipping organizations to achieve their goals by cultivating and motivating talent and teams, ultimately delivering “win-win” outcomes in business and life.

  • Span of control and workflow studies
  • Organizational culture assessment
  • Employee engagement strategies
  • Maximizing team effectiveness
  • Communication and collaboration techniques
  • Clifton® Strengths-based programs, presentations and workshops to foster individuals and teams


Fostering a mindset, culture and practice of authentic leadership, where leading with passion and purpose is a strategic and integral driver of success for people and business.

  • 1:1 coaching for career, business, intervention or time management
  • Executive career transitioning
  • Alignment of leadership development programs and competencies to achieve company objectives
  • Strategies to attract and keep the right talent
  • Employee development and retention
  • Certified Clifton® Strengthsfinder executive and team coaching and workshops


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